To launch adidas' 2016 global women's campaign, we created a series of films that feature female athletes and influencers who are reshaping sport through creativity.
The 13 broadcast and online films were teased through a social campaign on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, which spurred a global conversation about women in sport. 

Awards: 5 Silver Clios in Sport and 5 Silver Clios in Fashion
Featured in
AdAge, The Drum and Highsnobiety

As a social extension of our global 2016 adidas women's campaign, we created an online tool that allowed people to create their own personalized films, mirroring the ones featured in our campaign. To do so, users went to to enter a personal storyline, select a music track and pick content from their Instagram account, including photos and videos. A :15s personalized film was then generated and easily shared across social channels.